Forum Title: Where to get window screen for wood framed window?
Where can I find a bug screen for a wood framed window? The screen stays in place with 4 metal spikes that can be extended out. A photo is attached showing one such spike's handle. I looked in hardware stores -- they only have screens for aluminum or vinyl framed window. I also looked online, but searching screen for wood frame window usually turn up wood framed screens which is not what I want. Any idea where to look?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: JOHN G (Dallas, TX), 01/15/2019

For most bi-fold door hardware, the opening from the wooden floor (not carpet) to the surface the track at the top mounts to, should be 2 taller than the door height. This allows room for the top track and the bottom hinge. If the carpeting runs into the closet, the bottom hinge mount is often screwed down to the floor right through the carpet. The hinge pins are adjustable, so opening a little taller and a little shorter than this can be accommodated without altering the doors. I'm confident your doors are standard height and standard height replacements will fit your existing openings. Good luck and welcome to the forums! [edit:] Here's a picture that shows standard dimensions:

- FELIX HIGGINS (Southfield, MI), 02/15/2019

Almost any hardware store (or city glass store) will be able to rescreen a window if you bring it into them. They can also sell you screen, it comes in various widths. Aluminum or fiberglass, and either charcoal or bright aluminum. Wooden screens usually will have a wood stop (screen moulding) that has to be removed and it is either reused or replaced, depending on how good of shape it is in. For what they charge, it's usually a bargain to let the store rescreen it for you.

- JENNIE SHARP (Lawrence, MA), 02/13/2019

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