Forum Title: Pella storm door doesn't fit new construction home front door
The width from the inset of the door jam to the otherside inside measures 35 and 3/8ths.. it seemed like the standard for new home front doors is to buy a 36 inch storm door. The storm door is too snug to fit to the frame. Am i doing something wrong, or do i need to order a custom door? I figured with a new construction house this should be pretty cut and dried to do. Would trying a larson possibly make a difference? I would hate to start modifying the door jams on a new home just for a storm door. Attached is a picture of how the frame looks. Should i be attaching the hinge rail to the inside of the inset of the door jam or outside? If i do the inside, then the measurement is,34 7/8ths... but the right side sits in a little more than the left and the door would then be pretty close to the inside door's handle. I don't do this for a living but i feel like this model door just isn't going to work.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: PEDRO VALDEZ (Weston, FL), 01/11/2019

Not sure what the trim looked like to begin with. Are those nails to keep birds from nesting up there? If you don't mind seeing the rail, it is fine, as long as the landlord puts it in writing.

- JESUS LAWSON (Jackson, TN), 02/12/2019

You'll have to build out the stile of the right hand side of the door to match the depth of the brick mold and also set it back to match the depth of your storm door. Note on the picture the difference in set back of the wood pieces.

- AARON BROOKS (Des Moines, IA), 03/04/2019

Larry is right on the mark. Nothing wrong with your storm door. You will need to add a 1 thick trim onto the mullion, stepped back about 1/2 - 5/8... so that the distance from the left brickmould to that new trim is 35 7/8 - 36. A strip of 5/4 pvc would work perfectly.

- CONNIE REYNOLDS (Salem, OR), 02/02/2019

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