Forum Title: How to fix broken window lock
Hello. I have an old bathroom window lock that just broke. See the photos for the offending parts. Reinserting the handle is totally lose, so clearly a part is missing or maybe fell into the lock housing. It's a bathroom window that is, for now, permanently closed. Can this be repaired and can I even get replacement parts for this? I also don't know how to unlock the window in this situation. I ran a putty knife along the inside track but did not hit any locking mechanism. Any ideas?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: KRISTEN BARNETT (Kissimmee, FL), 01/14/2019

Is this an exterior door? You can buy/replace just the door slab but will the replacement's style match the existing side lights?

- TINA SULLIVAN (Columbia, MO), 02/08/2019

This is likely a picture of your linkage, if it helps you see how far down you need to slide your putty knife. You should also look inside the hole, drill a new hole in the face or maybe even cut the face of the latch open with a grinder and a 1/16 abrasive cutting wheel. If any parts of the linkage could still be accessed from the front with a needle nosed pliers that might be best.

- JEANETTE WADE (Parma, OH), 02/04/2019

Thanks for the reply. So are these Jen-Weld parts? I live in Ottawa, and there is one near us. Assuming I drill the hole (in the middle?), that would provide a mechanical fix, but to repair I'm guessing I would need replacement parts. Added: that picture of the linkage is really helpful.

- LEE BURKE (Olathe, KS), 02/16/2019

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