Forum Title: Having trouble removing double hung wood in vinyl sides
Bathroom window, it's not an older double hung with the pulley hung weights but a newer one that has inset aluminum counterbalance springs in the vinyl sides. The lower pane is broken and needs to be pulled to put in new glass. Here's what it looks like.... I don't see any fasteners holding in the vinyl slides. I can rattle the vinyl bit, and it feels like there's a fastener in there somewhere holding it to the side but I have no idea where it is... I don't see any way to secure the counterbalance, or any cutouts to pull the window from the sides. What am I missing?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: JOHN G (Dallas, TX), 01/11/2019

Quote: Perhaps larger holes could be drilled where the poorly placed screw holes were drilled and then a dowel rod of a diameter (for snug fit) the same as the drill bit could be cut to the proper length and fit in the hole and the dowel rod be glued in the hole. Pretty standard practice. The dowel which might suffice right now without any further drilling is known as a golf tee.

- JUSTIN MORRIS (Bristol, CT), 03/03/2019

I thought that might be the only way for it to come out and it'll be more obvious once it's apart but didn't want to start smashing at it without some confidence I won't cause more damage. Thanks!

- COREY BARRETT (Bloomington, IN), 03/01/2019

Got it out and to the glass shop already. I was looking for a more defined way to remove it like there is on more modern Windows. Just took more force to push the vinyl side away and yank it free at the top than I had been comfortable with initially. 25$ to replace the 18x18 pane. Not horrible for this area I don't think.

- BRENDA YOUNG (Rochester, NY), 02/14/2019

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