Mortgage Company Endorsements for Insurance Checks

10 Best reputed residential contractors - Technician Forum Service - However, there are times when mortgage companies are overwhelmed with all of the insurance claims handling process with all of their loans and it happens to coincide with a time when they are short handed thus extending the time that it takes for this process. Get free quotes - roof coating, roof installation, install roofing, roof inspection. If one is extremely lucky and the mortgage company doesn?t require any inspections than the entire process of time should be shortened. If the mortgage company only requires one inspection at the completion of all the work on the insurance loss statement this will certainly benefit the homeowner. Historically when the lenders client has a history of slow payments than they will release the funds in proportion to the work that has been completed. This home inspector will insure that the scope of work which is listed on the adjuster?s claim summary has been completed. Of course the length of time necessary for this to occur will depend on the inspectors schedule and timing of necessary protocols that have to be met by the inspector with the hiring mortgage company. Consider sending the insurance check overnight to them to expedite the process if that will benefit you. In some cases, the mortgage companies will keep the checks for over a month or create an escrow in which they only release partial payments of the insured?s insurance funds. If the work is completed the inspector for the mortgage company will notify the mortgage company of the facts. Overall if everything goes smoothly than it should take up to 10 days to get the mortgage company check endorsed. Allow up to 10 days on average for them to process the endorsement and send it back to you. Many times the mortgage company will hire an inspector which will go to the property with the insurance claim in hand. Again there will be some occasions when the mortgage company may require multiple inspections ..More

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5 Reasons to Have Your Metal Roof Installed Before Winter Hits

Listings Of contractors - Repair Tech Forums - Free contractor estimates - replacing roof shingles, house roofing, roof waterproofing, roofing options. A strong and durable metal roof resists the damage caused by ice dams and accumulating snow. With watertight installation,metal materials eliminate water infiltration and gradually shed snow and ice, minimizing the burden on top of your house. During unusually harsh winters, the cumulative weight built up on a poorly insulated and ventilated roof can be significant ..More

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Dont Get Burned By the Wrong Roofing Material

Find best 10 technicians - Service Repairman Forums - Notice that FiberTite self-extinguishes due to the optimal chemical composition. This video illustrates the difference between four common roofing systems. Get free quotes - roof damage, commercial roof installation, roof work, expert roofing ..More

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What Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Chimney Maintenance

Listings Of residential contractors - Service Consultant Blog Pages - The most convenient products are logs you burn in the fireplace just like any other, and some will work to remove the ash as well. To remove it, you?ll need to purchase a product that will change the creosote from a glaze into ash that you can sweep out. Enough creosote buildup could potentially ignite and start a fire in your chimney. When you burn wood in your fireplace, the gasses that are released condense on their way out and form Creosote, a corrosive, combustible substance. Get free quotes - roofing siding, single ply roofing, metal roofing systems, residential steel roofing. However, this is no substitute for a professional cleaning and thorough inspection annually ..More

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